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The West Bay RI Jewish Calendar

With thanks to G‑d, preparations are under way for the RI Jewish Art Calendar for the upcoming Jewish new year. The calendar will be distributed to 10,000 in the RI community. People love using the calendar for its beauty, large format and practical holiday information on each page.

Advertising or sponsoring an announcement in the calendar, is a wonderful opportunity in which you can support a local educational and social organization-the Chabad Chai Center and promote your business in a positive way.

In addition to your ad there will be a list of sponsors by category in the front cover. Please make requests by June 15th. For more info please email us or call us at (401)884-7888

Thank you very much for supporting the calendar printing.

Chabad of West Bay
1) Spaces available in the advertising pages in the center fold of the Calendar:

$690 1/2 page ad
$360 1/4 page, about 6x4.5"
$180 Business card ad
$90 Some people simply what to help, so we list them in the calendar, on the sponsors list

2) Spaces available on the Calendar Page it self,

Date dedications, in honor of a Birthday, Anniversary or Yahrtzeit.
$54 for the first date dedication, $26 each additional date 

$125 Empty box in a month, 1.5x1.5".
$90   Each additional empty box in a month (2 boxes is about the size of a business card)
$360 1/2 of the left column ad space, displayed on the left side of actual Calendar 2x4". (Most visible)
$690 Full column or two 1/2 columns, 2x8". (Even more visible)

To reserve your spot or to make a payment
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