Chabad Hebrew School Survey Warwick RI

Dear Parents

We appreciate you taking a few moments of your time to assist us in identifying the means for improvement and growth in our Hebrew school. The information provided in this survey will help us to develop and expand our curriculum, as well as enhance our extra curricular student and family activities.

All responses are strictly confidential. You do not need to put your name.

We greatly value your honest opinion

Name Optional

Part 1 Program Content

1. During the limited classroom time, what would you like to see the teachers emphasize

write yes at the following

Hebrew    History   Holidays   Traditions             

 2. Do you have any thoughts about the curriculam?        

3. Did you discuss with your child what he/she learned each week?     

4. Was your child happy to attend each week?

5. Would you be interested in a weekday class in addition to Sundays?

6. Would you like your child to receive more homework?.

7. Is the current reward system adequate?

8. Were you happy with the Aleph champ program?

Part 2 Parent involvement

1.Did you participate in the Holiday Family Fun Days?

2. Did you enjoy them?

3. Would you be interested in an adult/Parent Torah lesson during Hebrew School?   if yes what topics would you be interested in?

4.Would you be interested in being involved in adding and enhancing Hebrew School Programs?.

5. Were you able to attend the Family Shabbat service & Dinner?

Did you have any thoughts in general about the Friday night dinners?

Part 3 Communication

1. Were you happy with the schools response to your child's needs?

2. Did you find the staff available to speak to?

3.Were you happy with the communication with regard to the ongoings in the school?

4. Would you be interested in parent teacher conferences?

5. Would you be interested in receiving some sort of report card during the year?


Part 4 Program

1. How did you learn about the Chabad Hebrew School Program?

2.Will Your children be returning for the 2013/14 School year?     How Many?

3. Would you recommend this program to others?

If you have any suggestions of how to improve our program please share below

 2.    In your opinion what are the 3 strongest points of Chabad Hebrew School ? Why?                                                      

3. What are the weakest points of Hebrew School?, If you were the director, how would you improve the weak point?.

 If you have any questions please contact Rabbi Yossi & Shoshana Laufer at Chabad Hebrew School

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Thank you very much for your time.

Rabbi Yossi & Shoshana Laufer

Chabad Hebrew School