Camp Divisions


Kidi camp 1.jpg  Mini Gan Izzi (ages 3-4)

Camper will enjoy many first time core camp activities in a loving, fun and caring environment, under the supervision of experienced staff. This program is specifically tailored to connect to each campers in an individual way based on age and ability.


SDC10632.jpg  Camp Gan (ages 5-9)

Camper will enjoy a full well rounded program to include all types of camping activities and trips. This program includes "fun shops" were campers enjoy activities of their choice. Whether it’s basketball, soccer or bowling, our counselors will impart a sense of teamwork and sportsmanship helping your child develop basic skills and self confidence.


girls pioneers.jpg  Girls Pioneers (ages 10-13)

This division will allow girls to enjoy the full camp program and trips plus a special focus on cooking. Each week the campers will enjoy making a four course meal from bread to desert under the guidance of professional cooks. 


boys pineers.jpg  Boys Pioneers (ages 10-13)

A separate, individualized, fun-filled program geared especially for this age group with non-stop entertainment and fun with special privileges and activities . The campers will also have short learning sessions and discussions imbuing them with love and joy for Judaism.


Boys adventure.JPG  Boys Adventures (ages 12-14)

A one week boys adventure camp full of thrills and excitement. Each day campers will enjoy an exciting trip, including a trip to Six Flags.

  Girl CITs (ages 14-16)

Counselors-In-Training have an opportunity to build leadership skills, while working in our Camp sessions helping to run activities, keeping camp clean and safe, and helping with a number of other activities that are part of an intensive training program. CITs are given time for meetings, team building,  over nights, swimming, activities and trips.