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and the mission of the chabad Lubavitch movment

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Chabad Chai Center-A Place for Every Jew
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First and foremost the Chabad Chai Center is open to every Jewish person, learned or not, affiliated or not, in an easy-going, warm and welcoming atmosphere.

We are RI West Bay's Jewish source for community, for learning, for celebration and for outreach.


Jewish programing
Young Adults

We provide a welcoming non-judgamental environment where you can meet, socialize, and at the same time, get closer to your Jewishness. Weekly classes, Shabbat meals, holiday evets and other programs have attracted many Jewish people, young and old, unaffiliated and affiliated alike.


Torah Study on many Jewish Topicts
Torah Study

Choose to learn online with over 70,000 articles or at one of the many regular classes and courses given statewide by one of Chabad’s four locations in RI.


Vibrant Synagogue

Join a user-friendly Shabbat and holiday services, in a warm non-judgamental environment with poeple from all backgrounds and affiliations.

On Shabbat we begin at 9:30am. At 10:30 we read from the Torah and the Rabbi delivers a short sermon on Jewish insight. At 11:45 we enjoy a delicious Kiddush.

No membership required.


Chabad Hebrew School of West Bay
Hebrew School

Chabad Hebrew School offers an education and memories that will inspire children for a lifetime. Our curriculum instills pride, a sense of history, love for the land of Israel and a genuine understanding of what Judaism is all about.


Click here for 10 facts about Chabad
and the mission of the chabad Lubavitch movment

An affiate of Chabad of RI
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Comprising multiple organizations and programs, Chabad Lubavitch of RI provides outreach, education and social services ensuring Jewish continuity.


Map & Directions
Map & Directions

Chabad of West Bay is located in Warwick's Cowesett area north of East Greenwich on Post Road, just south of Cowesett Road.