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  • Camp Gan IsraelGan Israel is a place where kids dreams come true. It’s a place where kids broaden their horizons, where each day promises a combination of new adventures; and develops their self-esteem... Read More
  • Hebrew School Chabad Hebrew School offers a friendly and stimulating environment, where children can embrace their Jewish roots and gain a true sense of Jewish pride. Read More
  • Torah StudiesTORAH STUDIES
    Wednesdays, 8:00 am
    Wednesdays, (women only) 12:00 pm
    Thursdays, 7:00 pm
    Fridays, 7:36 am
    Classes are on ZOOM (or in-person)
Chabad of West Bay - Camp Gan Israel
Dedicated to outreach and education to the entire West Bay Jewish Community
with Jewish services, study groups, programming and more.

Our objective is to reach out and create a warm atmosphere for Jews to explore and experience their heritage in a welcoming, non-judgmental environment.
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  • Can Life Alone Be Better?The Jewish Dating and Marriage Podcast Read More
  • What Can the Hebrew Word for “Worship” Teach You?The Point of Religion Read More
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It is a wondrous feature of the cosmos, how ideas repeat themselves at vastly different scales: As planets and stars move in grand systems about their orbits, so electrons move about a nucleus. So too the same pattern is found within the microcosm of the human being—and at every scale of every thing, from every frame of reference. At each level there is a wholeness and a oneness, and yet each breaks down into yet more minute particles creating yet another realm of wholeness—and we have yet to find its end. A perfect harmony of oneness from which comes an infinitude of beings. The Artist has left His...
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The West Bay RI Jewish Art Calendar
With thanks to G‑d, preparations are under way for the RI Jewish Art Calendar for the upcoming Jewish new year. The calendar will be distributed to 10,000 in the RI community. People love using the calendar for its beauty, large format and practical holiday information on each page.

Click on CONTACT US to send us your address to be added to the calendar mailing list.

The calendar are paid for by advertising or sponsoring an announcement in the calendar. This is a wonderful opportunity in which you can support the Jewish calendar project, by a local educational and social organization-the Chabad of West Bay - Chai Center and promote your business in a positive way.

In addition to your ad there will be a list of sponsors by category in the front cover. Please make requests by June. For more info please email us or call us at (401)884-7888

Thank you very much for supporting the calendar printing.
Click here for advertising options in the calendar.