Thank you for supporting and helping the Chabad of West Bay - Chai Center's

Security Improvement Campaign

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Greetings and Blessings

With thanks to G‑d, Chabad of West Bay celebrates 25 years, serving thousands of people throughout our local area with educational programs and social services, helping people live a more positive, spiritual and meaningful Jewish life.

As a good friend and supporter we consider you an important partner in the good work we do.

Please consider participating in our $28,000 Safety and Security Campaign as we upgrade the Chabad Chai Center for today's needs.  

Project includes: 

  • Replace main entrance, using safety laminated glass.
  • Perimeter fencing (500 feet long) to protect children playing outdoors.
  • Rooms that can be locked down, for people to run into in case of emergency. 
  • Bathroom on ground level for people with difficulty using stairs.
  • Surveillance Security System
  • More locks on more doors

It is with friends like yourself that the Chabad CHAI Center can continue to serve every facet of Jewish life. Understanding the emotional needs of the elderly, the educational needs of the children, and the ability to serve the non-affiliated and affiliated alike.

Thank you for your kind support, 

Rabbi Yossi & Shoshana Laufer


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